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mille hut

Col de Mille

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Perched at an altitude of 2,473 metres, at the foot of Mont Rogneux in the commune of Liddes, the Mille hut is situated on a magnificent balcony with a view of the Valais Alps and the Mont Blanc massif.
Valaisan Alps and the Mont Blanc massif.

Renovated in 2015, the caretakers, Natacha and Lucien Darbellay, welcome you to the hut in a family atmosphere.

Les Gardiens

They offer a menu of invigorating dishes as well as a selection of excellent Valaisan wines to accompany your meal.
Natacha and Lucien are delighted to welcome you and share a moment of conviviality in a timeless setting.
They are both passionate about the mountains and will be happy to give you information about the races and excursions in the area around the hut.