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Cabane de chanrion

Val de Bagnes

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The Chanrion hut, located at 2462 m. in the Haut Val de Bagnes, was built in 1890.

Owned by the Geneva Section of the Swiss Alpine Club, it has since been home to a wide variety of occupants: from mountaineers to smugglers, not to mention the army and hunters!

The ashlar construction dates from 1938. The construction of the Mauvoisin dam (1951-1958), although it created a majestic expanse of water, deprived the hut of its access from the bottom of the valley, thus favouring the spectacular summer access from the left or right banks of the lake.

Renovated and enlarged in 2019, it offers a reception area including a space for storing shoes and equipment, a dryer, dry toilets, showers, 60 beds divided into dormitories for groups as well as 4-bed family rooms and a 6,000-litre water reserve to alleviate water supply problems in winter.

This easily accessible hut, ideally situated on the Haute Route, Tour des Combins and Tour des Grands Barrages itineraries, is a must-see starting point for many of the surrounding peaks.

Photos: © Laurence Revol