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Champillon refuge


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Inaugurated on 3 July 2005, the Adolphe Letey Champillon Refuge is located at 2465 m, above the Tza di Champillon mountain pasture, on a shoulder from where you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the Ollomont valley and the lower Valpelline. Adolphe Letey was “syndic” of Doues from 1951 to 1990. He has the merit of having always believed in and invested in the importance of tourism for the small realities of his commune.

If you park your car at Plan Détruit (2000 m), you can reach the refuge after a short walk (about 1 hour), along a path that winds through the woods, framed by the mountains of the Combe de Champillon. It is an ideal destination for everyone, from professional hikers to families with children.