From La Tsissette, you continue northwards to leave the Combe de l’A and reach the village of Drance on the banks of the River Dranse before climbing to Liddes, the main village of the municipality of the same name. The route then heads south into the valley of the Grand-Saint-Bernard, gradually climbing to Bourg-Saint-Pierre.

Bourg-Saint-Pierre is the most important village crossed by the GTDC. Its Saint-Charles (Charlemagne) bridge, ancient bell tower, Roman milestone and well-preserved old houses are well worth a visit before you set off for the heights. Passing by the chapel of Lorette, the Creux du Mâ, Boveire d’en bas, le Coeur and Erra, the path crosses pastures and offers little in the way of difficulty, giving the walker the chance to observe the entire length of the Entremont Valley. At the Col de Mille, the end of this first stage, the magnificent 59-seat guarded Col de Mille hut awaits you. The panorama before your eyes is incomparable, and you’re sure to be seduced.