1. Bourg-St-Pierre - Mille | 6. St-Rhémy - Bourg-St-Pierre
Hôtel du crêt


+41 (0)27 787 11 43


The Hôtel du Crêt has been run by the Delasoie family since 1960.

It is currently managed by the 3rd generation of hoteliers, Charly (a graduate of the Vieux Bois Hotel School in Geneva and head chef) and Louis Delasoie.

The hotel is a popular stopover for everyone, for its comfort, its conviviality and its delicious meals.

The hotel has 80 beds in 40 soundproofed rooms fully equipped with all the necessary comforts.

A lift is also available. Ideal for families, the hotel has connecting rooms as well as rooms with 3 beds and a room with 5 beds. The view from the rooms towards the front of the hotel offers a superb view of the Mourin. At the back, the forest reveals its charms. Its animals come to visit you from time to time.